Clash between Femininity & Masculinity – Ch13 – Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

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Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

By S. A. Ward

Chapter Thirteen – Clash between Femininity & Masculinity

To be human is to be part of the family of humanity. We’re all in this together, and family is known to look after one another, to understand each other. However, let’s not fall into that mind numbing kumbaya mentality. If someone wants to be transgendered, that is totally fine. The main issues people have with it are the zealous and radical advocates forcing it down everyone’s throats, which those types are typical in all ideological belief systems and give communities a bad reputation. Another critical point is that it can be easily exploited by sexual predators. Women are vulnerable as is and then having to perform an immensely vulnerable act in public has the potential to be anxiety inducing for them, especially if a biological male that identifies as a woman is present. This once again falls back onto a human’s instinctive drive to survive, self-preservation. There are plenty of law-abiding transgender individuals, but no one wants to take the risk of potentially enduring a traumatic experience.  Then there’s inclusive culture, making demands upon a large portion of the population for a minority who won’t even make an effort to adapt to a certain community’s ways. Instead of overcoming their irrational fears and insecurities, they expect a specific community to accommodate them to where there is a cultural shift within that community. Widely welcoming those interested into a group should be encouraged, but not at the group’s expense, and especially not over personal irrational fears. Irrational fears should not be enabled and the group or those they associate with should try to help those individuals move beyond their insecurities.  

PC culture within the United States is a hemorrhoid the size of Uranus. Gusting blood spattered flatulence into the eyes of humanity, a mental poison to cripple ideological dialogue. Those pushing PC culture get offended over miniscule and trivial matters and play the victim card excessively, it isn’t a good direction. These people have forgotten how or don’t know how to laugh at themselves and take themselves way too seriously. They are beyond self-centered and can’t get over themselves. For example, people become filled with rage at strangers for misgendering them, which is just plain nonsensical, because it often amounts to an emotional tantrum and trying to cancel people on an irrational whim. 

The issue isn’t one with transgender people. The issue is with them forcing it on to other people, and most especially children, who are beyond vulnerable and susceptible to grave influence. Forcing this framework of mind on children has immense potential to screw them up for life. Then there’s them labelling other people as transphobic for not wanting to date or have sex with them, which totally contradicts them vigorously advocating about consent. A good number of transgender individuals expect others to know what they identify as, what their pronouns were, which shouldn’t have to be a factor, especially when its advocates convey there is a plethora of genders.  

Most people forget someone’s name 30 seconds after someone told them their name. It is within the realm of the trivial and superficial. The extra identifying jargon isn’t them fundamentally, we are all or were bound by societal conditioning. How we’ve been programmed to think and what we conclude will serve best for our survival or offer us the most pleasure. 

Transgender ideology has made strides to reduce womanhood to being like that of an accessory to be worn or set aside at one’s discretion. Redefining the fundamental meaning of what it means to be a woman. This ideology overcomplicates a simple biological concept, boy or girl, male or female, one or two, and which is already substantially distinct visually. We can tell with 100% accuracy whether someone is a boy or a girl while still in the womb. Pushing hormone blockers onto kids instead of allowing them to develop organically is asinine.

The whole gender identity jargon is just nothing more than character armor gone array, because it is so hard for them to come to terms with existence. Their egos are so fragile that they make this radical realm of thought be the foundation of their personality, clinging to it desperately. They care not about the truth or wellness of others and have fallen prey to the tyranny of herd mentality, because being part of any sort of community is more important to them than what’s actually grounded in reality. Blind and obedient to the puppet master media overlords will. 

Forcing this nonbinary gender identity onto a child is just as detrimental as gay conversion therapy. A human in their formative stage in life can get really messed up psychologically. These individuals are all about consent, but really just want more people they could relate with. Pushing something so convoluted or complex can lead to neurosis. Classical and strict gender roles are a bit outdated; they need calibration. There definitely needs to be more freedom, but something this incoherent and garnering pseudo complexity, where no one even understands it and those who claim they do are full of it. It is detrimental to an individual’s formative development. It could even equate to being psychological abuse when inflicted upon children and who aren’t ready for such ideas. Transgender individuals have become another untouchable group due to PC culture, like black people. Any slightest disagreement towards the ideology and the advocates of this movement become enraged, emotionally labeling those who showed resistance to it as transphobic and cancel culture devours them. To them disagreement is treason, a notion that comes to mind is that the entire transgender movement is an implanted societal ideological virus to destabilize the United States. They tend to be entitled, ideologically sensitive, mentally weak and unstable, and their belief systems are heavily based on subjective emotions. Their arguments are glass framed and often incoherent. Likened to zealous cult fanatics, forcing their ideology down the throats of other people at every chance they get. Their way is the real way. They are often highly against religion for carrying out a similar approach to spreading their ideology and have, in a way, become what they hated. If anything, it seems like it makes it difficult for people to be a functional member of society, leading to neurosis and incoherent belief systems.  

The factor of toxic masculinity is a prevalent piece of dialogue amongst the left, shaming men for being men. It is okay for men or women to evoke a robust feminine personality, but if a man is masculine, then it often enrages those on the left. This masculine shaming seems to be due to them being fearful of those men’s prominent power and insecure of their personal lack of power. They subconsciously perceive masculine men to be a threat due to them being strong minded, possessing versatile skill sets, well-rounded leadership skills, independent, and overall, more powerful. Those advocating toxic masculinity band together, resorting to a herd mentality due to their lack of power, and seem to be making efforts to eradicate masculinity from male traits. Acquiring such a mindset, physical attributes and persona is unobtainable for these envious individuals. Masculinity does need to have moderation, like all things, however it is important to uphold enabling cultural characteristic diversity and not try to nullify it. The bastardisation of masculinity is ludicrous, trying to shift men to be more submissive and passive. It is ultimately to weaken the men within the states.  

The common motive of feminism that gained traction in the 2010s and 2020s is rooted in women’s oppression throughout history. Like many other circumstances, blaming a particular group in this case, men, is an easy scapegoat to explain the cause for their plight, but doesn’t offer any real sound solutions, other than to hate on men simply because they are biologically men. Women are trying to make sense of it all, and history shows them that they have been oppressed by men but cut it off at that instant and don’t really contribute any social or systematic reasons to why men would behave in this way. Several reasons: historical environments pressed upon their offspring unwillingly that men were to have the power. Why? Men were seen to be physically and mentally stronger than women. History, and even in areas of the world during our time, are and were beyond barbaric. In previous eras of our species history. Weakness often resulted in death, and no one wanted to take such a risk when it came to their power or survival. Men are physically able to protect more efficiently, capable of working for longer and more intense periods, and their minds overall are more tuned for survival in a world that will rip anyone apart limb from limb. In this primordial arrangement of societal dynamics, women and men were placed in avenues aligned with what best suited society at that time. This doesn’t imply that it’s the way things should have been, but it is important to take into consideration the immensely narrow insight to the human condition during these times. When this sphere of feminism gave rise, they were living in the wake of abject madness and tyranny. Feminism started out as women proving their worth and turned into an ideology that just focuses on hating men. While they get consumed by the moral high horse and a pseudo superiority complex. The Russian Night Witches from Regiment 588 were the true essence of feminism. The Night Witches were an all-female Russian night bombing regiment from World War two. There was grave resistance to them making these sorts of contributions to the war effort. The equipment they were allotted with was laughable, but it became their greatest strength. Their planes were 1928 biplanes made out of plywood and canvas. They were training and crop-dusting planes. A single trace around could ignite this aircraft with ease. They didn’t have radars, weren’t equipped with parachutes and due to the composition of their planes, the capacity for carrying bombs was highly limited. They underwent as many as eight missions in one night. At the end of the war, all combined they underwent 24,000 bombing missions and dropped 23,000 tons of bombs. The average number of missions amongst them was 800. They remained an all-female air force regiment throughout World War Two, known as regiment 588 and were deemed an elite league combat force of the Soviet Union. Twenty-two of these women were awarded the reward hero of the Soviet Union, which was the highest reward one could receive. They were so feared by the Germans that anyone who got a confirmed kill was awarded the iron Cross, which was one of the highest awards to be obtained during the Nazi Germany era. The Nazis were the ones that actually gave them the name Night Witches. When the Night Witches were nearing a target, they would idle their engines and all that could be heard was an eerie swooshing sound. They likened it to being witches on flying brooms, to the Germans it was nerve racking. The notion of whether or not this was just a propaganda piece comes to mind, but there is extensive content to be found about them. It is critical to take into consideration the actual German Nazis fear of them, and their stories of encountering the night witches. They wouldn’t have made up such stories and awarded their soldiers with the highest reward, for no reason. The Russian Night Witches were the true essence of feminism and contradicted the status quo in its entirety, proving that women are more than capable and have formidable, fierce potential. Sentient beings of all sorts are drawn towards violence. Whether it be physical, virtual and verbal. The simple reason why is glory, in the pursuit of glory, adrenaline surges through an individual’s veins and forces them to utilize the vast majority of their brain’s functional capacity. It is the ultimate test of body and mind, the true test of resilience, physical prowess and cognitive potential. Wars of our age are often fought over hatred, resources and to expand an empire’s power. I’m only pro-war when its participants are fully consensual to its repercussions. Wars of hatred prey upon the innocent and can be terrifying to many subjected to them. Wars of honor and glory are a more ideal form of warfare. Sports are a form of non-lethal and consensual form of warfare, but where glory can be obtained in sports is constrained to the physically endowed from genetics. The majority of us acquire this taste of power and glory through video games and games that are non-virtual as well. It’s quite poetic really, dancing with death is what makes us feel the most alive. It’s a high that once an individual gets a taste of, leads them to wanting to experience it at every turn they can. Facing death and creating it are two of the most empowering things a human can experience.  

In the occurrences of wars of hatred, no one is safe, not even children. There are many who desire to destroy the system due to manipulated resentment, which is asinine. All of the social constructs protecting us would be entirely negated.  

In World War One PTSD was called shell shock. In World War Two it became battle fatigue. Then in the Korean War it became operational exhaustion and came along Vietnam, where it became referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder. Shell shock now known as PTSD, for classification is when an individual’s mental trauma threshold becomes breached. Their nervous system can’t handle any more of it, and so they enter a state of shock. They called it shell shock because it was a common occurrence for soldiers to enter a state of shock with only being three hours in the trenches due to the bombardment of explosive shell payloads. It’s a defense mechanism that we enter to cope. This was brought about from the obscene horror that soldiers were subjected to on the battlefield. Imagine it: their only shelter was a festering cesspool; trenches, biological waste, human anatomy, blood and other sorts just churning. Hundreds of young men trying to survive and cope with seeing a brother be cannon fodder. The harrowing screams of agony must have been unfathomable, the closest occurrence to Hell on Earth. After World War One, they weren’t called the lost generation for nothing. 

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