Poem: The Dreaming Universe [Text-audio]

A splinter of time longing for form, hanging upon fate’s whim. 

Drowning in uncertainty, roaming into oblivion. 

Beaconed by an eclipse of heroism and perseverance.  

Life’s divine essence is now casting a shadow of sacrifice, born from the ashes of the damned.  

A once fading light lost in voyage, echoes of a common vision caressing our souls. 

Unity fully captivated, sailing between love and hate.  

No longer shackled by suffering and deception, transcending on a course for deliverance.  

A bridge leading to revelation, revealing the fundamental nature of what we are.  

Soul bound to become our dreams, 

our dreams shall become the fabric of existence,  

existence will become a dream,  

and we’re the dreaming universe,

collapsing into reality.  

Infinite horror and infinite beauty, coalesced. 

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