The Door of Death – Ch7 – Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

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Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

By S. A. Ward

Chapter Seven – The Door of Death

Immanuel Velikovsky theorized that humanity goes through a paradoxical cycle of flourishing and inevitably hits a cataclysmic catastrophe. In his book Mankind in Amnesia, he presented a profound idea that we as a species are in a state of collective amnesia. Think of how old the universe is theoretically and then try to take the full human potential into scope. What a single or group of humans have been capable of achieving throughout history. What information or events have been lost to the passing of time? We are left with fragmented pieces of what once was, and those fragments are all too often fabricated or embellished by the leaders of our species. 

This next statement is an excerpt taken from Immanuel Kant’s book, Critique of Pure Reason. Quote, “Human reason, in one sphere of its cognition, is called upon to consider questions, which it cannot decline, as they are presented by its own nature, but which it cannot answer, as they transcend every faculty of the mind. It falls into this difficulty without any fault of its own. It begins with principles, which cannot be dispensed within the field of experience, and the truth and sufficiency of which are, at the same time, insured by experience. With these principles it rises, in obedience to the laws of its own nature, to ever higher and more remote conditions. But it quickly discovers that, in this way, its labors must remain ever incomplete, because new questions never cease to present themselves; and thus, it finds itself compelled to have recourse to principles which transcend the region of experience, while they are regarded by commonsense without distrust. It thus falls into confusion and contradictions, from which it conjectures the presence of latent errors, which, however, it is unable to discover, because the principles it employs, transcending the limits of experience, cannot be tested by that criterion.” Immanuel Kant argued that the external environment we experience is a representation constructed by our senses, they are what allows us to perceive in the first place. We have no real idea of what matter actually is nor can comprehend or recreate the consciousness that animates us. We are restricted to our biological senses and for the vast majority of humanity they’ve been tuned for instinctive survival. These biological senses we are equipped with aren’t completely reliable most of the time and most likely does not equate the objective nature of existence. Our eyes process photons which evoke light, without them there would be no light to be seen. Our ears decode vibrational patterns and convert it to what we are acquainted with as sound. A rock is hard in relevance to us having a soft skin. Our sense of taste and smell is entirely dependent on the sensory receptors on our tongues to make eating a more pleasurable experience quite similar to sex. Quote, “For experience itself is a mode of cognition that requires understanding.” Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason.  

We only are able to experience and perceive a splinter of existence, this was stated before. We are confined to sensory representations, they’re our information processors. The human senses are our fundamental biological tools and as most know there can be a significant difference in quality for just about all tools. They are not totally basic but do have prominent limitations.  

Here is a general principle from Immanuel Kant’s work. The objects of our environmental experience are mere “appearances,” and that the fundamental nature of these objects as they are in themselves is consequently unknowable to us. We do not know the nature of something until we experience it for ourselves. Even then, our findings are fragmented, skewed by our way of thinking, bias, and the human condition. We are confined to the human experience, and it is a filter of perception that we are completely incapable of stepping out of. This filter is tuned for survival and even this survival filter has the potential to be dream-like, but it is vital to not be consumed by this notion and lose touch with existence. Regard it as nothing more than a mode of perception. Embracing our humanity in its many respects is crucial when delving into these realms of thought. Quote, “If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” Morpheus, The Matrix. Our societal conditioning completely negates this dream-like reality, and that deterrence began from our birth. The notion of normalcy, which is just the diminishing of any occurrence due to a substantial exposure to something and hangs upon a subjective experience. For us humans there is a diminishing return every time we are exposed to something brought about from our environment to deflect from the unfathomable awe there is to life and existence in itself. To be more easily manipulated by other human beings for their own survival prospects brought forth from their own societal conditioned delusions. 

We shall now touch on death, with the current status of the human condition death is nonnegotiable. Our time is limited and the sooner we come to terms with that the better off we are. Existence is a fragile circumstance, and it is best we do not cling to it. Our lives being finite is what gives them value. It induces a sense of urgency and is quite economical. If our lives weren’t so fragile and ephemeral, via immortal then it would lose its value. It’s quite elementary, too much of one thing will eventually lead to boredom or to be taken for granted. Life administering constant change is our greatest alliance against boredom. It keeps the show spicy. Death also serves as an effective power reset for life. Imagine if certain genocidal tyrants throughout history obtained immortality. Our history’s trajectory would be monolithically different and probably be a total hellscape. Death being a factor of the human condition prevents that from happening, for now. 

In regard to suffering and failure, Buddhism says, quote, “The root of man’s suffering is his desire to live.” There is a way around that, there’s a saying, if you can’t change it embrace it. Suffering and pain in its varying degrees can serve as a catalyst for growth, like everything, utilize moderation. There’s another Buddhist quote, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” What this perspective truly amounts to is a shift in how one views suffering and its critical role in life. It’s about overcoming two factors, the fear of suffering and death. It’s literally this simple, to choose to laugh instead of cowering when in the face of fear. Either we let the tyrannical and uncompromising will of life break us or we tell it to go fuck itself, triumphing over its unrelenting indifference. To conquer one’s fear of death is an instance of great relief and is key to unfetter one’s mind from the limitations of fear. This doesn’t lead to total liberation of the human condition, but it offers a level of freedom. Diminishing the weight of our chains that ultimately binds us from birth. 

Everything that we can be as an organism, our masks we put on and experiences. The sheer concept and infinite characteristic variances that we could potentially project or actively project, have in a sense always existed and just not until recently that they actually became a reality. A veil of illusions blinds us from seeing this. The veil is composed of illusions that derive from hate and fear, as long as these illusions are in place the veil will remain. They are the primary tools for manipulating the behavior of the masses, ultimately control. The veil is basically another term for character armor and knowledge of an individual’s character armor composition makes it easier to know how to control them. Once the veil is shattered it will be horrifying at first, but do not be afraid, ever, embrace it in its entirety and trust the process. Endure the pain and rise. Everything of value comes with a price. Many associate prices with wealth or money but suffering and sacrifice is the go-to form of payment for sentient beings like us. 

Our consciousness is created by a highly complex chemical reaction factory and can be manipulated by foreign chemicals to produce an entirely different experience, but the trajectory to re-create such a phenomenon is currently beyond us. Complexity is also an intellectually relative matter. Whether something is complex or not depends upon an individual’s subjective understanding for the selected criterion. Complexity diminishes as ignorance diminishes. 

However, a chemical reaction factory isn’t all there is to being human, but this human condition we are confined to is meant to keep us somewhat grounded to where we aren’t completely consumed by pseudo superiority, which even the human condition hasn’t obstructed countless throughout history from being enveloped by delusions of grandeur. 

Once this biological factory we inhabit fails we are liberated from it, to where, such an answer is left to speculation and through the experience of death. 

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