The Flames of Music – Ch6 – Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

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Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

by S. A. Ward

Chapter Six – The Flames of Music

Music has the potential to alter an individual’s perception to a drastic degree. It has hypnotic attributes especially under mind-altering substances. This is exploited immensely by the media. Under certain drugs people are prone to grave influence by dogma and a variance of ideologies. The effects music has on the human mind are monolithic. It has a fundamental capability to enhance perception, emotions, and can grant an individual with profound mental power.  

There are several artists and bands in today’s age who are on par or even greater at their musical craft than Beethoven and other musical titans. The God tier stuff is often buried and suppressed while cookie cutter generic mass-produced content gets the spotlight. 

Mainstream music is soulless superficial mass-produced whitewashed marketing ploy smegma and those who listen to it do so for social reasons. Two primary reasons, to fit in with a particular social group and it had been impressed upon them at a young age. Music has an immense impact on culture and societal structure, which is highly exploited to manipulate a population’s behavior. The music we listen to has a grave psychological impact on us and the lyrics especially strongly influences an individual’s way of thinking. They can have an immense impact on their values, which ties directly to their overall behavior and their belief system. It has an even greater impact if an individual’s sphere of thinking is extremely constrained and lacks self-awareness. There is an abundance of those who are envious of popstars or rock stars. They are idolized to where it’s what young individuals should aspire to be like. Their success isn’t a matter of talent or skill, but marketing and those pop stars are just another employee. They have to be able to fulfill and maintain a highly tailored image. If they don’t, they are usually disposed of and then the next person this “music” company exploits and markets. There is close to no love for music but is out to sell superficial and vain content that makes it easier to manipulate a population. To put this into perspective, mainstream music is music that shares similar attributes as the connotation many associate with Made in China.  

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