Times of Desperation – Ch10 – Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

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Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

By S. A. Ward

Chapter Ten – Times of Desperation

For the majority of Human history, Earth has been a world ridden with desperation and is every man for himself. We humans desire control and that is acquired through material wealth, because it enhances survival and gives the illusion of control. Greater wealth postulates intelligence and opens up larger avenues for procreation partners leading to more ideal offspring. Many associate this with greed, but it is a matter of survival and preparation for the worst in a world that will obliterate any being’s existence mentally and physically into a revolving oblivion. It chews up any lifeform into a pulp and does not give a damn if they are suffering. Quite a few think that a ton of money is what’s needed to mend humanity. It isn’t that simple and if it were then it would’ve already been done. We are in our own way. The potential of evil dwells within the human condition and if the circumstance arises this attribute can be called forth. It’s all a matter of circumstance and if someone’s actions are egregious enough this dormant and ugly face will show itself. If a group or individual causes them or someone a significant amount of pain, they will want to project that suffering back onto them or individuals with a similar profile. Either the experience will break the victim, or they transform and take measures to make sure they or other people won’t be subjected to such an experience. A negative falter of our fellow man is a falter of human nature. We humans are birthed into existence as a blank slate and our arbitrarily assigned environment forcibly molds us into what it wants. This goes back to once again being products of an environment. Some who harbor personality traits that are viewed as good, such as compassion and empathy, which remain dominant in certain individuals even when faced with egregious horror. Not all fall into the maelstrom of despair to where their mind can be twisted, but under given circumstances related to survival or an act seen as justice this ugly face will show itself. At times it can become a permanent personality attribute. We go to grave lengths to preserve our own life and those we’ve become emotionally attached to. Evil or monsters in actuality isn’t what frightens and strikes fear into us humans. It all comes down to a lack of power or understanding of the unknown in the face of uncertainty. It’s our own fragility that we’re afraid of and the notion of power is a completely relative matter bound by infinity. The notion of power is short sighted amongst many humans. It is constrained to the human experience and a primordial perception of power. It is entirely subjective; earth is hardly even a pixel and close to none of us have the power to go beyond our own planet. Yes, there are space probes and missions which only go a short distance, but even those factors have no significant or “powerful” impact on anything in interstellar space. Power’s scope of utility is incomprehensible to the majority and can only see the tip of the iceberg. Another way to look at power is as a matter of competence. Great levels of power demand great levels of competence. Great levels of power and a lack of competence is an absolute recipe for disaster. 

Like already mentioned previously, morality is a glass framed social construct that is often culturally calibrated and can be negated with ease. The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker. “Even evil is just the fear of death. Our heroic projects that are aimed at destroying evil have the paradoxical effect of bringing more evil into the world.” We fear evil due to its volatile and unpredictable nature. It is a direct threat towards our survival, but fear gets the best of most and creates a barrier of understanding. For example, when a human is confronted by a common worker ant, fear is absent. They aren’t a threat, but if that common worker ant were a bullet ant or black widow their power would be more of a threat and fear would ensue. A known serial killer is captured, a conjured scenario, a weak individual is placed in a small room with that serial killer, and fear ensues. The same scenario, but instead the serial killer’s arms and legs were surgically amputated, is wearing a weighted straight jacket, and has a muzzle on, fear is absent. It all comes down to a lack of power in the face of uncertainty. Evil can also be viewed as primal hatred, other organisms can be seen as competition for food, mates, territory, and overall resources. Many animals have neurological calibrated diets and are environmentally programmed by their parents for the species most effective means of survival passed down by extensive generations. With this passing down of generational survival traits even us as humans aren’t exempted to such an ordeal and our parents or guardians mold us to be integrated into society. A lion wouldn’t last long if it decided to become vegan and be against the consumption of other animals. They aren’t left with much of a choice on the matter, the food chain and natural selection basically prohibit it. To an animal, their own existence is all they know and survival at any costs is what matters.  

The entire attack on white people as being the core problem of humanity’s shortcomings is basically what the Nazi’s did towards the Jews during WW2. The color of their skin, something arbitrary and that they have absolutely no biological say. Hounded after ordeals that they weren’t even alive to witness or take part in. Like other scenarios mentioned and to be mentioned. White people being the world’s plight is the newly assigned scapegoat to give a glass-framed conclusion to everyone’s turmoil and further push a political agenda. To many extreme leftists everything is white people’s fault, and it has come to a point where they are dehumanized for just being white. 

A phrase arose, white privilege, its advocates conveyed that white people knew nothing about oppression, unfortunate circumstances, and overall suffering. Many white people are perceived to be sexist, racist, and fascist, all based on presumptuous identity politics, which goes against the leftist’s hypocritical political ideology and makes white people into an ideal enemy. If a white person even has the slightest degree of disagreement towards their ideology, they get barraged by incoherent and irrational rage. Black people simply have become another political piece in the left’s hand of cards. The enslavement and egregious acts inflicted on blacks throughout history is horrendous, which is an understatement. This is however often twisted and utilized by the left, because political correctness and cancel culture basically made them untouchable. A genocide to make note of, 1885-1908, King Leopold ll of Belgium colonized the Congo and committed genocide upon them. Six million died, countless others were maimed and were subjected to abject horror. It was a literal holocaust and goes completely under the radar. Time to discuss rights, rights are a highly beneficial social construct that serves humanity well and should continue to be upheld, but just like most social constructs they are glass framed and easy to manipulate. Just about every single right that has been put in place was achieved through bloodshed. They weren’t something that just happened and were often confronted with grave resistance. They’re not fundamentally grounded and just like mentioned in regard to morality, rights are culturally calibrated. Rights in a way are just collectively likened morals that a society deems to be a necessity for it to remain nurturing towards the members within that system. Rights are glass framed, with the structural integrity of a fairy tale. They can be taken away under the guise of the government offering pseudo security. 

 “All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War. When facing a giant that is obviously of greater power the last thing someone should do is face it head on. Hit and run tactics, leaning on attrition matters, and gradually exhausting the giant until it is weakened enough to where a fatal blow can be dealt. The US is like a giant and there has been a rot festering within it. This rot has been becoming gradually more blatant, especially as we made our way through the 2010s. Many are oblivious to the notion of the Earth we walk upon. Genocide has been committed everywhere. This does not condone genocide in the slightest, but many try to portray and advocate in ignorance as though the US is the only nation to ever be founded upon genocide, slavery, and crimes against humanity, it isn’t. Not even close, the 20th century alone was blood drenched… Other noteworthy pieces of genocidal information. Under the Russian Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin in the period of 1932-1933 Stalin created a famine in Ukraine, which killed an estimated 7-12 million people. Then there was the famine created by the Chinese Communist Dictator Mao Zedong during the Great Leap Forward of 1959-1961, which claimed the lives of roughly 30 to 55 million people. There is a chance the statistics we have available are fabricated and could potentially be inflated for propaganda but shouldn’t be dismissed from speculation. 

The final subject to be covered is Stockholm Syndrome. In short, four were held hostage at a bank in Sweden for several days. They formed, as it was said, a traumatic bond of survival. Into their captivity they arrived on a first name basis with their captors, turned down assistance from authorities during this heist, and some even remained in contact with their captors after the ordeal. They became close and emotionally attached to their aggressors amidst a traumatic experience. The notion of discreet and mass societal Stockholm syndrome comes to mind for human civilization. A variation of it that isn’t classified yet, Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism that we resort to when we feel as though our personal survival is threatened. Where this syndrome begins is when an individual must feel threatened physically or emotionally. Politicians do this indirectly through their political opposition’s legislative policies or some malevolent and evil threat both foreign and domestic. The state does this by dire social consequences of an individual’s actions through the enforcement of laws. Religion does this by implying that certain actions are sinful and go against God, which will land them an eternity in Hell where they’d suffer and experience unadulterated agony until the end of time. A key point that the aggressors install into their victims is that they humanize themselves and seem relatable. They talk about their troubled past, how they are doing it to get back at an ill society, trying to pay a debt, helping a loved one with overwhelming medical bills, a family man trying to make ends meet. In regard to politicians, their history of fighting for certain causes in their political career or a desire to serve humanity in improving its overall prosperity, which is often just a front. Another pivotal factor is the isolation from other perspectives, which is commonplace in abusive relationships where a spouse will lash out at their partner for talking to certain friends or even relatives. Echo chambers are an excellent example of isolation of perspective, which limits the ideological insight an individual is exposed to. Countries do this by embedding into their citizens minds that they live in the best country in the world, this is a deterrent from going to other countries and experiencing other ways of life. Financially stifling people is a deterrent from visiting other countries and a linguistic barrier like in the U.S. where English is the unrivaled language and is another major deterrent from communicating with foreigners, which leads to not being exposed to other cultures’ ideological perspectives and insights. The last component is the notion that there is no escape from the subject’s oppressive environment, so they build an emotional survival attachment to their oppressors to cope and preserve their life. Even if an individual’s circumstance isn’t totally ideal, they cling to it, because they fear the alternative and are conditioned to take into consideration far worse realities. In the U.S. we are bombarded with that we live in the #1 country and that there are no other viable living options in the world. The linguistic, financial, and educational barriers greatly impede Americans from making such a leap, via moving to settle in a different country. The foreign world is painted as being dangerous and volatile. It makes people feel trapped, which is drastically inflated by the amount of misinformation they are potentially susceptible to. The American government has embedded upon its citizens that we’re the good guys who are out to vanquish all evil. Indoctrination began in elementary school and high school, having to collectively recite the pledge of allegiance. All the while these students didn’t even have the comprehension skills or knowledge exposure to fully articulate such an act and were permitted to blindly devote themselves to a country that they could barely pinpoint geographically. Completely ignorant of its historical actions. The majority of humans on Earth desire peace but are basically being held hostage by the three major governmental superpowers, USA, Russia, China, and their alliance governments. 

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