Tyranny of herd mentality – Ch8 – Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

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Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

By S. A. Ward

Chapter eight – Tyranny of herd mentality

It’s painful for someone to fully reassess their belief system and far easier to be blindly ignorant with the herd. A plague of tribalism has the US in its world-shattering grasp for both wings of the political spectrum. Many individuals are desperate for validation and resort to a cult-like herd mentality. They want acceptance no matter what, even if it means being a pawn in the end. Longing for any hint of human connection and they stand together in a shroud of ignorance, slaves to their emotions. An unsettling factor is the level of dehumanization that has blossomed toward each political wing’s opposition. There are a significant number who just view each other as Trumptards and Libtards. No longer viewing each other as humans, which makes for a perfect recipe to inflict violence or oppression onto their opposition. Those in the herd mentality’s grasp attach such deep meanings with names or words in general that just their utterance gives rise to a targeted emotion and are prey to superstition or the superficial. To them just about all happenings in life recluse back to a primordial thinking that revolves around basic duality. Duality is a primitive way of perceiving existence and leads to overlooking an astronomical number of contradictions towards the ideology. It reduces an individual to a really constrained way of thinking that amounts to 1+1. It is likened to being a scapegoat. Ideological scapegoats fall back onto the primordial, us versus them, strategic political discourse. These narrowing downs of sides in a conflict constrains a population’s choices and makes it easier to manipulate the population’s behavior. It encourages relentlessly to negate any other mode of thinking. It shuts out countless spheres of thought and there are entire arrangements for, “properly,” using religious names. Disuse is regarded as being blasphemous and sinful to use in vain. The establishment of ideologies or religious individuals to be seen as sacred can be a really dangerous step, because it is a massive deterrent for even the slightest bit of deviation from these belief systems spheres of thought and gives them deep rooted power that can be nearly impossible to dismantle. Even presenting a compelling argument against them triggers an emotionally derived response that totally obstructs any level of contemplation towards the ideas presented. This ideological defense mechanism isn’t solely found in religion, but is also heavily prevalent in various ideologies, one especially being politics and from analysis it seems this defense mechanism was put in place intentionally. It is an ideological bulwark, and this mode of human perception is exploited greatly by just about all indoctrination or dogmatic belief systems. The powers that be know the irrationality of humans when it comes to the emotions that could be triggered just from mere words. Dismissive notions towards ideological oppositions are often conjured up to dehumanize their assigned, “enemy,” which the terms that follow are all ideological scapegoats. Some examples, Libtards, Trumptards, nevertrumpers, Trumpers, cuckservative, savages, retard, rich, poor, gook, snowflakes, demonrats, niggers, thug, paper hands, sand niggers, towel head, dot head, beaner, spics, wetbacks, cracker, yuppy, whitey, gringo, white male privilege, racist, bitch, coward, sexist, transphobe, whore, slut, tranny, drug addict, junky, Bible thumper, lunatic, crazy, wook, pig, evil Commie or Socialist, greedy Capitalist, sinner, fag, terfs, breeders, factory calibrated, sheep, Jewish rat, hick, conspiracy theorist, crook, inbred, criminal, thief, redneck, chinks, monkey, redskin, timber nigger, coons, french frogs, eskimos, etc. This is dehumanizing language, it takes away an individual’s human qualities, attributes, their connection to humanity, and reduces them to being less than an inanimate object. This is where it all starts for inflicting violence onto a group and especially in war.  

These words trigger an emotional response within them and bring forth volatile anger. Most often this was done by exploiting their resentment that was then re-directed towards a particular group. This outside group became seen as completely lesser, and their say is held in no regard. This dehumanization makes it far easier for violence to be inflicted upon the dehumanized. It is a slippery slope and is where wars or oppression begins. 

Hate is highly contagious, when we see those, we admire or associate with show dislike and hate for something we tend to adopt that. It is a major factor in the composition of herd mentality. The moment disagreement arises from an outside group, this outside group is immediately perceived as a threat. The leaders will tailor hate within their herd towards that individual or groups. Anything these leaders say even if it’s fundamentally flawed, this hate will then be transferred towards other members of the herd, and they do close to no critical thinking assessment of the information presented. Those who are idolized within a herd, their influence can be unprecedented and whatever they say, it is believed to be true. Input from outsiders is given little consideration of thought and often disregarded altogether. 

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