What is Love? – Ch5 – Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

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Humanity’s Forgotten Reflection

By S. A. Ward

Chapter 5 – What is love?

The concept of love has four ways it can take form. There is survival & co dependence, familiarity, sexuality, and true love.  

Survival & co dependence, this can be examined back in the 20th century when gender roles were more prominent. Such as where the man of a house would do all the occupational work and the women would tend to the house, children, and cook. This can also be examined where a woman or a man depends on the other to a substantial extent. Like the first example, the wife focused her energy on tending to their home while the husband developed a skill of some kind. The wife never developed any real marketable skills to be applied in the real world, so even if she is in an unhappy marriage, she depends on the husband in order to survive and in many circumstances leaving their spouse isn’t an option, because they can’t provide for themselves to such an extent and their quality of life will be diminished. This co dependence doesn’t only equate to financial matters but can amount to be an emotional dependence as well. 

Familiarity love develops due to an elongated exposure to a relatable organism that enhances one’s quality of mind and whose attention grants an individual validation. This form of love is also highly dependent on an individual’s memory, which can deteriorate with age and can eventually be negated to where patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s completely forget people, they had known all their life. Familiarity can be diminished from not seeing an individual for a period of time or if there is very little benefit from continuing the relationship. This form of love is most commonly developed by the offspring of an animal or human toward their primary caregivers. Aspects of familiarity are shared with survival & co dependence. 

Sexual love is just the tyrannical instinctive drive within animal species that compels us to perpetuate life and is impossible to ignore. It is embedded deep into the core of our psychological composition. The major reason we are attracted to highly visually pleasing people is because our brains interpret this said individual as someone who will be able to contribute to making genetically ideal offspring. As stated in familiarity, aspects of sexual love are shared with survival & co dependence. 

True love is a sacrificial act. It is to stand by someone and see their divinity even during their darkest moments, which can vary in degree or aspects. This form of love has become much more common in our era. It wasn’t a total rarity many decades ago, but it wasn’t all too common either. With partners there can be sexual attributes, which are unavoidable, but is primarily of platonic nature. It is likened to the love we develop towards a close relative, significant other, or our dearest friends. It can lead an individual to making substantial sacrifices to the extent that they may give their own life to save them. This sacrifice is due to an individual making such a significant impact on their psychological memory and the survival of that being outweighs the value they have on their own life. The foundational essence of true love is sacrifice, which varies in degree. 

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