Satirical fiction: Overpowered – Ch1 – Frabjous Day

Overpowered – Phase One

by S. A. Ward

Chapter One: Frabjous Day

Kent was seated at his room’s gaming computer. Morphed into the relaxing memory foam of his Respawn gaming chair. The clicking and clacking of his keyboard echoed off the walls. He played an MMORPG called Godcraft that was run on the Unreal Gaming Engine 5. This world-shattering monolith of a game was released in 2023 By Dominant Entertainment. 

In short, it was a World of Wargames fanatic’s wet dream. For the record, the crux of this game had been actually forged with the tears of Cuban children, which became known as the Fabled Catalyst. These tears opened a doorway, igniting the flames of creation within the selective minds who discovered it. The most notable being Chuck Norris. It called forth the glory of the ancients and a message was unearthed. This message resided in a chapter of Realities Horizon; a millennia old book owned by Chuck Norris. Historians believed it to be devoid of writing but ended up revealing a world of profound knowledge. Many tried to harness the power of Cuban Children Tears and failed, but many soon came to realize it only bestowed those powers to the worthy. In this era, there were only five. All of them, including Chuck Norris, were Godcraft developers. Now, enough about this game, let’s carry on.

The lad Kent Crift during this time was 23 years old. Raised in a small town called Bad Axe Michigan and moved to Lansing with some longtime friends when he hit the age level of 22. He had the personality of an upbeat nerd that loved to throw elbows in a Mental Cruelty mosh pit. His short curly brown hair was similar to one of Chef’s chocolate salty balls and had emerald, green eyes that would make the God of lawn mowing jealous. They were complimented by bronze rimmed glasses. His facial features were sleek with a few freckles scattered throughout. For a full-blown nerd, he was rather athletic. Martial arts were one of his obsessions. He was like a young Bruce Lee playing whack a mole and he preferred the term, jerd, a nerd-jock hybrid. Built like a powerlifting mantis shrimp, the crustacean that had been punching Nemos into oblivion for 400 million years, and who, in my opinion, was the original One Punch Man.

Kent lived for the glory of righteous pillaging, with crude humor being one of his foremost specialties. His place of employment resided at a software development company known as Edge Life where he worked as a software technician. It wasn’t the most enjoyable work, but it allowed him to live a comfortable life. For pastimes he engaged in martial arts, gaming, DnD, and comic book reading. His attire consisted of a red and black Godcraft Necrodiax faction hoodie. Stylishly paired with frayed dark blue jeans and black running shoes. His father went by the name of Craig, a plant manager for an automotive manufacturer called Endtier. His mother, Roxana, passed away when he was 4 due to being run over by a freak stampede of wild Fortwo smart cars in California. They were fleeing from a 1996 Ford Bronco with a 15-inch lift kit, two sets of diesel exhaust stacks, and an obnoxious light bar that could probably give x-rays. For the majority of his life, he’s only had his father who was an exceptional man. One could see that although Roxana no longer existed on this mortal plane the essence of her lived on through him.

Thad Arrowood barged into Kent’s room. This individual was at the pinnacle of male physical prowess. The epitome of the bro archetype in appearance. However, he wasn’t a true bro, but he did embrace the stereotypes. He had short blonde hair spiked in all directions with bold and well-defined cheekbones. His gray eyes left many awestruck when gazing into them and had a silky voice like smooth churned butter. This fine specimen wore a gray World Enders sports jacket and blue track pants. He had a love for the glory of various combative sports, especially in video games. His strange sense of humor was a cross between Reddit and trade chat, if you know, you know.

“Kent! Sage, Sean, and I are going out for sushi, you should come with us and take a break from pillaging the innocent!” He was immersed deep into his gaming session, but mustered a response, “hold on! I’ve got to make this gnome priest my next Bitch!” He despised gnomes to the highest degree and spared not a single one that crossed his path. Thad proceeded over to Kent’s gaming station and placed a hand on his friend’s left shoulder, “Hell yeah bro… Go full BDSM mode and make him squeal your name into the desolate night. Make it a quickie though, we’re taking off soon.”

“Copy that!” Thad left him to tend to his business. After the slayage, he became elated over ending a gaming session with the death of his favorite prey. 

Once Kent was ready to go, they disembarked into the encroaching cloak of a pleasant and almost cloudless spring night. While walking to the car, one could hear neighboring wind chimes whispering in the wind. A spellbinding full moon ruled the dormant sky, glistening its ethereal light onto the newly sprouted foliage. A flock of birds were in view, cascading high above next to a singular rogue cloud as they embraced their unfettered existence within time’s compass. It was a beautiful night, the perfect weather for wearing a hoodie and nuclear holocaust. 

A lone common pigeon danced in the moonlight, flying carefree. While Kent walked to the car, he saw something diving towards it at incredible speeds. He got the attention of his friends and pointed to it, “The fuck is that?” The peregrine falcon collided and clutched the pigeon with killing intent. The unfortunate pigeon squawked for mercy. His cries for times of past solace were denied and faded into Mother Nature’s merciless night. Thad caught a glimpse in the nick of time, “Bruh! That pigeon got fucking pillaged!” 

Kent remarked, “Such is the circle of life, noobs are meat and the strong do eat.” He then asked Sage, “What are your thoughts on that pigeon getting owned, Sage?”

Sage Brooks was an elegant and quirky metalhead brunette that had stunning blue eyes and a pixie haircut. She was cute, petite, and had a honeyed voice, but was a physical force to be reckoned with. Her close friends were all guys, and she was a perfect complement to their sense of humor. Resting around her neck was a black and white trimmed skull glass pendant that had a purple flower within its cranium. She wore black calf high jungle boots that had pressure sensor retractable steel spikes and a Lorna Shore hoodie, her favorite band. She grew up with Kent and Thad in Bad Axe. Sage turned to him, she contemplated his question and shifted her hips to the left. Then pressed an index finger into her cheek as the wind caressed her body. After a brief moment it came to mind and she swayed her arms aloft, “Quail if you were to ask me… they are both cute so if they kill each other, it cancels out from being sad, math stuff.”

“I dig it.”

     The final comrade was Sean Smith, a heavy set mechanically handy individual with a burly beard, brown eyes, and fair short brown hair. He sported shady ray sunglasses atop his head and a Carheft jacket. His husky voice was coupled with an overall embrace of the Merica freedom aesthetic which made him out to be a rising good ole American badass. This gentleman had a knack for guns, and he knew damn well how to use them. Sean was befriended by them at a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament not too long ago. 

“If you were to ask me, that’s what he fucking gets for thinking this is some place to frolic,” Sean remarked, showing no sympathy. 

Kent laughed, “Probably karma, murdered too many worm families or something. For all we know he could have been a tyrannical warlord fleeing from some lost battle. The carefree flying may have all been a facade.”     

“Yup…that’s definitely it,” said Sage in a sarcastic tone. Her stomach emitted a rumbling sound, “Enough of your trollery, my tummy has the rumblies.”

            They boarded Thad’s 2015 Jord Locust and began the voyage to Senrua’s Sushi Bar. This establishment had a wide selection of Japanese cuisine. It’s one of their favorite places to go for a night out on the town. Early into their voyage Sage addressed the crew about President Trump. 

“Have you guys been keeping tabs on this new ordeal with Trump? He is claiming that Obama was behind the 9/11 attacks. Here’s a bit from an article I saved that quoted him during a press conference, “Listen, okay, many good people said they had seen who they thought was Obama at the Logan International Airport in Boston, on 9/11/2001. To not consider this is a huge mistake, okay, our leads are the best leads. We have great people working to put the pieces together, I love them and in turn will the people of America, they are great people, the best people. It has been theorized that Obama IS one of the original Boeing 767 hijackers and IS a high warlord of the Muslim extremist brotherhood. An elderly couple reported seeing him parachuting into their front yard during the 9/11 crisis, which he then rode off on a planted motorcycle that had been sitting there since earlier that morning. This is big news for America, absolutely beyond huge.” 

            Sean gushed in a fit of laughter thinking about it, “What the fuck? That is beautiful and rather poetic to imagine. All I can think of now is a young and daring Barack Obama pulling all that off with pristine precision.”

            “Yeah, I fact checked it and Justin Trudeau said some disparaging comments towards him over it. Here’s a quote from him, “President Trump ought to be and should’ve been removed from office long ago. He is not considerate towards the collective of peoplekind and realizing that squirrels have countless different gender identities like we humans do, it says so in their bible. The masses of the United States are suspended in a deep Nefarian slumber and know not of Trump’s true intentions. Ultimately, he is a corporate tyrant, it is time we make serious strides towards ending his reign once and for all… #impeachthecreep,” said Sage as she continued to read the details.

            Thad facepalmed in annoyance at the news, “Good lord, that guy is complete AIDs. The dude probably has secret squirrel sex slaves so he’s trying to lay the foreground for when he announces it.”

“I wouldn’t put that past him, definitely seems like the type to have secret squirrel sex slaves,” said Kent, sharing his mutual contempt for Trudeau. 

Sage gasped, angered over the squirrels potential misfortune, “I’d rip his dick off if that were true!” 

“You could go all the way and Fropic Thunder Von Bruise him and jam it up his ass too,” Sean added. 

She let out a laugh, contemplating the notion, “I don’t know, he might be into that. However, I loved Fropic Thunder, that entire scene especially is absolute comedic gold, ‘can you find out who that was?” They all laughed at the reference. 

Thad altered his voice to sound like an elderly quest giver, “We must liberate the squirrels from the clutches of that PC douche. Then they can worship us as Gods and be our personal minions that we shower with bountiful amounts of nuts.” 

Sage became giddy at the thought, “I’d love to have an emotional support squirrel, that would be absolutely amazing.” 

Kent cracked a joyful smile, “same, that would be grand.”

            They reached Senrua’s, after finding a parking spot along the street there was a gunshot that sounded off close by. A masked man wielding a gun rushed out of Senrua’s and had what appeared to be a sack of loot in his other hand. A few people on the sidewalks could be seen cowering in fear. Kent and his friends remained in the vehicle until he was out of sight. Once gone, they got out of the vehicle, remaining vigilant and proceeded to enter Senrua’s to see what had just occurred.

            The restaurant patrons were in distress after having been robbed of their belongings. This wasn’t new, crime had been on the rise in Lansing and amongst other places around the world. Banks, restaurants, and convenience stores all were frequent targets by outlandish criminals. A district of East Lansing was decimated by looters and vandals in early January due to riots. The rise of madness in the world hit like a plague.

 Some theorized it had been brought about through an underground malevolent cult of some sort poisoning the food sources, water, and raising cognitive dissonance with a constant bombardment of falsehoods on the internet. Not everyone had been affected, but a good majority showed signs of acute mania, violence prone tendencies, advocating for radical ideologies, incoherent beliefs, and carrying out criminal inherit shenanigans. Thad asked the hostess, who seemed rather shaken up, if anyone was hurt. 

The waitress took a moment to collect herself before she spoke, “Yeah we’re all fine… Some masked madman came in waving a gun around, telling everyone to fork over their valuables. He ran our till dry and hurt no one thankfully. Before he left, he said, ‘It is time for a new Age of Calamity! Anarchy in the US! Long live Ged!’ Then he fired a round into the ceiling, times in America are unnerving. If you guys would still like to eat, we can still offer service.” They persisted to carry on with their sushi seeking agenda and waited briefly for their waitress.

            Aside from being robbed, Senrua’s had a heartfelt and welcoming atmosphere decorated with bamboo stalks layered high along the walls. Ornamental glass light fixtures drooped above the rustic marbled tables and other varying heights in the bistro. It was complemented by eloquent hand-crafted oak seating, beige wainscoting, and a small bonsai tree sat at the center of it all. Several high-quality Kimono and Hakama regalia were showcased near the entrance. Artistic portraits and paintings of Japanese mainland scenery were placed throughout, along with aged scrolls that displayed Japanese poetry. The aroma of delicious and passionate food enveloped the entire restaurant. It didn’t take long for the waitress to come along. She grabbed several menus and escorted their party over by a vast window. Moderate anxiety was in the air since they had just avoided being robbed at gunpoint. If Kent had not pillaged that gnome priest, then they would’ve been majorly inconvenienced. Moral of the story, if you see a gnome and you’re wondering if you should pillage it, the answer is always a hard yes. It pleases the Gods and Chuck Norris. If you want them to notice you, this is the way.

            “What can I get you all to drink?” Sage and Sean ordered Kokuryu sake, Kent asked for a dram of pan galactic gargle blaster, and Thad, the DD, asked for hot tea, “Alright, I’ll be back in a jiff.” 

            Sage had an unsurprised facial expression and was resting a clenched fist against her cheek,”The US is descending further into unhinged chaos it seems. If anything is truly infinite, it is human stupidity.” 

Thad leaned back into his chair and let out a huff, “Definitely not wrong on that second part, but the world and US has always been a colossally fucked up festering cesspool, Armageddon is probably on the horizon.” 

Sean scruffed at his beard as he entertained the thought, “If the apocalypse is nigh then let it come, it would certainly be an interesting turn of events!”

Sage remarked, “Welp, falling prey to fear is the forbidden weakness amongst metalheads. There’s an industrial song that is held in high regard amongst my people called In Guns We Trust by Suicide Commando. The first two verses go, `In the face of fear, we always stand up.’-” Her friends took in the knowledge, and she continued on a brief moment later, “A metal spin on the world would be pretty rad though.” 

Kent cupped his chin amidst contemplation, “Love that song, it’s an electronica gem,” he proceeded to recite a piece of literature by H.P Lovecraft, “The most merciful thing in existence is the inability for the human mind to correlate all its contents… We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we voyage far.”

 Sage teased him, “Watch it before you cut yourself with that edge champ.” 

“Don’t tell me how to live my life you incompetent bitch.”

 “The fuck did you just call me!?”

He retracted and shifted his demeanor to where his recent statement was positive, “That you’re a fierce and adorable little pixy who eats chocolate covered butterfly hearts for breakfast?” 

She projected a smile of dominance, “That’s what I thought.”

 The waitress still seemed distressed and returned with their beverages. After doing so she wrote down their sushi requests. “Okay what will you all be having tonight?” Sage responded, “This’ll be on one bill to make it easy: four Crunchy Rolls, two Sumo Rolls, one From Russia with Love, one Dragon Roll, and three Flint Rolls with four Clear Soups.” 

“Alright coming right up and sorry if I come off a certain way, just stressed. The police should be showing up any minute now.” 

They all reassured her not to worry. As she was heading to the sushi bar a police officer and a Naruto runner made their appearance. Kent and his friends carried on with their conversation. 

“Think you’d be fine without merking gnomes in Godcraft Kent?” Thad asked with a joyous smirk. 

Kent flashed a malicious grin, “It will be heartbreaking to lose such a treasure, but my longing for the apocalypse since 2012 is of greater desire. The game of life is bound to evolve and maybe if I let it go, one day it will come back to me, and I’ll be able to skull fuck gnomes again.”

“Jesus Christ…” Sean asked and had a perplexed look, “What did gnomes ever do to you anyway?” 

Kent gestured his arms upward melodramatically, “How do you not know of my suffering!?” 

“Sorry man.. I’m listening now, tell me the deets.” 

 Burning hatred consumed Kent’s eyes as he declared his raging disdain, “If you must know, in the MMORPG known as World of Wargames during the Ashes of the Moon expansion of 2016 I was spawn camped by 10 gnomes in Manglehorn vale for an hour. From then on, I have spared no gnomes, they must all be cast off into the Revolving Oblivion.” 

Sage jestered, “You poor man, much trauma. Little did they know they were conjuring a monster.” 

“Much yes,” he continued on with his fantasies of slaying gnomes, “an apocalyptic scenario of dormant evil underground gnomes hellbent on conquering the world would be a dream come true. Imagine the glorious righteous pillaging.” 

“I’ll drink to that, slaying and punting gnomes with my retractable steel spike boots and blacksmith two-handed mace I bought a year ago sounds like an epic time,” Sage took a casual swig from her drink. 

Sean raised up his drink and took a swig then set it down, “Gnomes are the perfect size to be completely annihilated by my Smith & Wesson .44 magnum with one shot, indeed epic it would be.” 

Thad couldn’t contain his excitement. He leaned forward and planted both elbows on the table, “Full bonded leather armor with optional assless chaps. Weapons of choice, spartan military hoplon spear and shield.” 

Kent became ecstatic over the current subject at hand, “Now this is the kind of energy I’m talking about! Their level of weaponry would certainly be a dictation, but we all need our personal specializations for selected circumstances.” 

An elderly couple a few tables down, overheard their conversation and whispered to each other in disgust. 

“Maaaaaaan.. now I just want to pillage some gnomes, you guys got me hyped. You guys should roll characters in Godcraft with me before Ragnarök comes. Then we can pillage gnomes together. It is literally the best feeling in existence.” 

Sage crossed her arms and made a demand, “Only if I’m not pressured into being the healer. I want to kill shit with a two-handed mace.” 

“A vengeful warrior or templar paladin would be right up your alley.”

“I wouldn’t mind healing, either that or we could recruit a fifth individual to do so,” said Thad. 

“If there is a class with guns or archery then that’s what I’ll be rolling,” said Sean. 

Kent grew even more excited at the idea that his friends might get into Godcraft, the crack of the video game world, “We’re making progress with you guys playing and that’s all that matters. Finding a healer to join our valiant ranks should be a non-issue and a hunter would be the most ideal for range weaponry.”

           The waitress brought them their precious platter of sushi. All four of them were exhilarated to gorge their bellies with this Godsend of a delicacy. Once the waitress departed, they began to stuff their faces. Thad washed down a roll with his hot tea, “The thought of losing convenient and high-quality sushi in a post-apocalyptic world is what troubles me the most, that and crocks.” He shoved another sumo roll slice into his gullet, experiencing bliss of sustenance. They all shared the same sentiment. Contemplating over the pros and cons. 

“Tis the truth, imagine if this was the last time,” said Sean as he chowed down on another roll. Making enthusiastic facial expressions to show his love for the savory delights. 

Such a notion dawned on Sage and she started to coil her hair, “it would definitely be a gem lost at sea and now I’m tempted to back up monoliths of music.” 

Kent proclaimed, “Most certainly would be, it’s best we cherish it when we can.”

Sage shrugged off the lurking fear like a Russian Night Witch of Regiment 588 from World War 2, “Our existence is a fragile circumstance, let’s not be a bunch of clingy bitches about it.”

Sage’s one liner made Thad shiver out of excitement, “oof, give us a warning before you just slap your big ole lady balls on the table like that.”

“Sorry it had to be done, we got cringe for a second.”

Kent grinned and chuckled lightly, “A majestic toxic flower fits you so perfectly.”

She embraced the sentiment and ran her fingers through her hair, aspiring for a punk aesthetic, “I know, that’s my aim.”

           The Naruto runner approached them. He was dressed in ninja attire that had a police aesthetic. His headband had a badge on it. “Evening, how are you folks?”

Sage gestured her arms upward and expressed pseudo happiness, “Just another anxiety ridden day in the good ole U.S. of A.”

“That’s a mood, did any of you fine people catch a glimpse of the robber?”

Thad relaxed in his cushioned chair, “No, we arrived at the very end of the ordeal. After we parked, a gunshot went off and the robber bolted out of here. He had on a mask, so we couldn’t see his face, but he was wearing a black leather denim jacket, holey blue jeans, and was probably roughly 6-foot with a fit build and around 190lbs.” 

“Superb memory, marvelous. He’ll be tracked down soon enough. The phones he stole all have GPS tracking chips. With what he said during the incident we think he’s part of a cult. We’re hoping he’s dumb enough to lead us to their main hideout.”

Sage was delighted for him over his potential adrenaline filled night, “Sounds like a fun night for you.”

“Indeed it shall be.”

“Teach me your ways,” Kent requested while bowing his head. 

“Sorry young padawan, but it’s an ancient Chinese secret.”

 “You can trust me, I promise. I don’t care if it has Rona, if that’s the price, so be it, just please show me the ways.”

“Perhaps you can prove yourself one day, but today is not that day. Although thanks for your guy’s cooperation and insight, have an epic weekend.” 

The squad reciprocated his gratitude, and the police took off a few minutes later. Outside of Senrua’s the Naruto runner equipped his running goggles and waved goodbye to them. He assumed the runner stance then jolted off like a lightning bolt into hyper speeds. They continued their banter, finishing up the remaining sushi. Kent removed himself to get some fresh air and to smoke a post meal cigarette. There was an unusual lack of foot traffic at this hour in the city. After gazing into his phone for a brief period an out of place elderly monk with a flowing white beard emerged out a nearby alleyway. He was atop a towering, majestic moose.

Kent exhaled a breath of smoke, “Did someone spike my drink? The fuck? Why are you on a moose? I’m actually mad jealous to be honest.”

            “You don’t know me, but I bear an urgent message for you, take this.” He handed him a red letter. It was enclosed with a white galaxy seal. “It is time you open your eyes, young one. The truth you seek lies before you at all times. I must go, never stop questioning.” This mysterious monk descended back into the enveloping shadows. Kent was pretty confused and slowly opened the letter.

           “From the dawn of a new age we came, moving silently down through the centuries. Living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the gathering and with the few who remain. We will battle to the last, your kind never knew we were amongst you, until now.

           You are the chosen one of Mother Earth, you must first rendezvous with Slade in Hell, Michigan at Hell’s Saloon and he will guide you to the Oasis of Transcendence hidden away where you will ascend to a higher state of being. You must bring solace to the Calamitous Equilibrium and take upon the power of the Legendary Italian sausage of Fabled Light. Just kidding about the Italian sausage part. This is your Life Quest, the answers you seek reside there.”

           “What. No fucking way. The Gods and Mother Earth chose me? Is this some sort of cult recruitment method? If not, I’ve hit the jackpot, plus they have Mooses, sold.” He was rather perplexed. Countless thoughts were splintering through his mind. While trying to fully register all that just happened, he received a message from an unknown number.

The message entailed, “It is best we meet soon.”

           Kent’s friends came forth out of Senrua’s and he was still trying to process it all. “Guys, you aren’t going to believe what just happened and is occurring.” 

“Tell us yeh geek!” Said Sage.

“Okay, an elderly monk that had a long flowing white beard came out of the alleyway on a majestic moose and said that he was sent to deliver a message to me. He gave me this red letter, I thought I was tripping. Here, read it.” Still bamboozled by his current circumstances he handed over the letter. He didn’t know what to make of this ordeal and if his friends were in on trolling him hard. “Then I received a random text message from an unknown number like twenty seconds ago.” 

They all gathered in view to read the letter while Sage held it. “What, you’re trolling right?” Sage murmured.

           Kent asserted a stern and serious demeanor, “A cult recruitment method came to mind, but the moose, white bearded monk, and the random text are facts. I’m not kidding about this.” Kent’s phone pinged for a text.

 He pulled it out and went to his messages. It was from the same unknown number and was coupled with a photo of them standing outside Senrua’s. The message stated, “there is no time, make haste.”

“What the fuck? Look at this, I’m not kidding.” He urgently showed them the text and photo.

 Thad remarked, “The fuck? That is rather concerning.” They all scoped out the surrounding area. The only angle for that was a street camera.

Sage teased him, “Hopefully you don’t become a black dude named Bubba’s bitch or something.” 

  “Oh, for fucks sakes Sage, whatever. I’m going to respond.” 

Kent sent a text message that said, “Who are you? How do I know I can trust you?”

           They went to their car and posted up for the time being. Kent’s phone rang again several minutes later although this time it was not from the random number. It was a call from his dad, he answered. “You can trust him, meet up with Slade, go now.”

“Holy shit … it’s not all bullshit?”

“It’s not, take off now, you’re wasting time. We’ll be together soon.” Kent’s dad hung up. His friends all overheard the conversation. 

Thad turned on the car, “Well if Daddy Crift says it’s aight then let’s get movin.” 

The trek to Hell, Michigan had commenced. It was roughly a 50-minute drive from their current location. Hopefully we’ll learn about Kent’s ultimate purpose. Perhaps all of his memories from this current life were manually programmed into his subjective reality and he hadn’t even been alive for 24 hours. Perhaps everything he came to know was all lies and illusion. Friends, family, experiences, etc… nothing more than advanced code… While his creators farmed Kent’s unprecedented essence for malevolent intent. Perhaps his essence was a prime ingredient for making some really dank sriracha. We’ll just have to wait for the march of time to unveil its secrets.

Sean rejoiced in bafflement over their current predicament, “This has to be an elaborate troll, there’s a good chance we could be getting hornswoggled right now. If not, I may jizz my pants out of excitement.” 

Sage was cheesing at Kent, “Oooooo looks like our boy Kent is the ‘chosen one’ no pressure.”

Kent pondered what lied in store for him, “what is real? Chosen one? Potential cult? I’m being trolled? Hornswoggled?” 

He let out his thoughts, “what is real at this point? This is a total mind fuck, but transcendence to a higher state of being sounds pretty sick. Being the ‘chosen one’ I’ll probably have to go through the cliche of proving myself and doing bitch work.” 

Sage playfully nudged his left shoulder using her fist,  “Let’s hope you get some metal abilities from it.”

 Sean grasped his wayside, “I am strapped right now so if this all goes south I’ll have our backs.” 

 “Exquisite, this’ll make for a grand escapade.” Sage continued on with effulgent excitement, “on this adventure for the ages we shall be tuning into, Chiodos. Those who slay together, stay together.”

“Fitting choice,” said Kent, Sage evoked a smile of contagious glee.

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