Godcraft – Prologue


by S. A. Ward


Recount of events: Countless eras throughout history thought they had it all figured out. Without a clue of how far away from reality they truly were. What is the most key factor if one is to build an immense structure of some kind? A reliable foundation is a critical necessity, every empire needs a foundation capable of supporting it or else it is destined to collapse.

Great men of the Crimson Age challenged the unknown cosmic call. The bridge of eternity beaconed its gaze unto the soul of Earth. The shattering of the shrouded wall, an extraction of black fangs. Anub’dra, humanity’s fabled empire transcended the infinite. 

Anub’dra is the United Realm, capital city; Anktal. This superpower consists of a large fraction of Northern Africa, encompassing the majority of the continent’s upper to middle hemisphere. Southern to Western Europe with small fractions of territory reaching into the Eastern region. Asia from the Middle East to India and fractions of regions to the North. The major powers of these continents gradually concentrated their power, inevitably becoming the most powerful empire in human existence. Egypt was the Supreme power, the Crimson Pharaoh Vitep was to thank for such vast unity. His unrivaled intelligence, wisdom, and combative prowess echoed throughout the known world. The man was known for his ability to solve problems. Resorting to objective solutions to problems rather than superstitious and flawed assumptions. A man truly fit to rule and that left all with an intuitive inclination he was chosen by the Gods. Vitep’s rise to power began at the age of 20 in the year 1,277 CA. CA stands for Crimson Age and simply put is, 873 BCE, BCE stands for before the common era.

1,277 years ago, 0 Crimson Age or 2,150 BCE, a monolithic and ancient meteor was discovered while surveying the land for an ever expanding Egypt. It was enriched in precious metals and stones. There were many smaller fragments in the proximity, however the main structure was 62 feet in height and 37 feet at its maximum diameter. 

This all took place amidst the end of Egypt’s Old Kingdom period and the beginning of the first intermediate period. The economic climate was already experiencing rapid growth and prosperity. The meteor’s discovery brought the equivalent wealth to power as much as a nuclear world engine.

It sparked a revolution unlike humans had ever seen, the first of its kind in recorded history. Many saw it as a sign from the Gods, an honor and privilege to serve a higher purpose. Nearly all worked themselves willingly into exhaustion to reach a collective goal and be noticed by the Gods.

Under similar expanding circumstances unveiled an ancient chamber, several estranged and technological books were discovered. Amongst the books were two seemingly complex metallic cases. It wasn’t until nearly thirteen centuries later that an 18 year old Vitep managed to crack the code and puzzle mechanisms to access the contents of these books. The books revealed an ocean of knowledge ranging from; the properties of and how to produce electricity, electromagnetism, mathematics, medicine, metalworking, mechanical engineering, physics, agriculture, systemic efficiency, psychology, philosophy, politics, ethics, economics, herbalism, chemistry, astronomy, aerodynamics, music, warfare, and much more. Not only was this knowledge at Vitep’s fingertips but he possessed the intellect to understand and decipher it as well. The cases however, were another beast altogether and took him another five years to access their contents. They contained two relics that garnered the potential to cause a cosmic apocalypse. An interface system identified one to be named; The dreaming universe, and the other, reality’s veil. Their origins were concluded to be a gift from the Gods and were a necessity later into Vitep’s rule, which I will elaborate on soon.

The first year he studied religiously then gradually earned the support of various social figures, powerful or not, maintaining a discrete profile of his discoveries and ambitions. Following the first year he began to really apply his knowledge, while still remaining highly devoted towards his studies. Vitep quickly climbed the social and political ladders, his otherworldly knowledge ultimately earned him a high position in governance. Going from a High Priest to a Vizier within a year, his ability and resolutions were so profound that he was thought to be a prophet. 

During the Abbasid period, early 9th century Egypt returned to being run by a governor under Abdallah in Tahir. He resided in Baghdad and deployed a deputy to Egypt to govern in his place. Both of which and his most powerful Viziers believed that Vitep was the most worthy to rule Egypt. After thorough vetting and continuously bringing world shifting knowledge, accompanied by more than ideal levels of social and economic outcomes, it was decided that Vitep was to become Pharaoh. Before even being officially anointed as Pharaoh, everyone thought him to already be one. Most especially the common population who he brought such genuine improvements in their quality of life. 

After four years under Vitep’s rule, many alliances and mergers were enacted, which began the United Realm of Anub’dra in the year 1,281 CA and with colossal momentum. Vitep’s vision is what sold it for many regions of power. His insight into the human condition and mind was light years beyond anyone of his time. He didn’t just talk, giving false promises and inflated claims like a stereotypical politician. The man not only knew how to reach the most inconceivable goals but he knew how to reach the hearts of all, knowing what they truly desired. If he needed to move a mountain, he’d get it done. He made the first bar of steel, gifted humanity with electricity, invented the first machines, brought a seismic shift to thought and Earth’s cosmic position, created medicine for the sick and so much more. There was not a corner of those peculiar technological books that Vitep did not embrace. He knew the potential of his power, granting him purpose and aimed for the infinite. 

Vitep remained Pharaoh until 1308 CA when he passed at the age of 51 due to a creeping residual rot from the final battle against Vahdjia, Goddess of rot, which took place at her lair in 1303 CA. All who ventured into the lair were subjected to the residual rot and eventually parished like Vitep. A fetid necrosis of flesh, driving its victims into the infinite depths of insanity and writhing madness. Her methods were nothing short of soul gouging, warping the seams of reality. Even with Vitep possessing mythical power, Vahdjia nearly brought Earth and humanity to its knees. A seventeen year long war raged across the planet. We won and at the same time we didn’t. For unknown eons, she slumbered in the unfathomable dormant depths of Earth’s Atlantic Ocean, awakened to the cosmic call. 

The forsaken dreams of the damned yielded their cries, blinded by suffering and grief. A chasm of malice unshackled its maw, making quick use of frail hope. Fracturing the lives of the innocent, synthesizing oceans of hatred in her wake. 

Revelation of Vitep: All material before us contains within it the dormant potential and complete capacity of matter, every unrealized variance in reality. From the foundational to the greater latent building block dynamics of existence. An inconceivably vast or perhaps infinite range of utility that matter can be modified and manipulated into serving. Helium hydride was the first primordial substance before the universe cooled after the Great Expansion and gave way to Hydrogen, the first element. To which interstellar and solar conditions forced evolution of this one substance. All atoms in the universe are in a state of oneness, the separation is an illusion of our brains and makes our environment more easily comprehensible. The lifespan of a single atom evolving over the course of eons is unfathomable. They garner the inner potential to influence and meld with other atoms, synthesizing into a completely different state of matter or energy, all of such from one primordial substance. Initially appearing as a wave of aimless chain reactions, however the first cause holds within it all active and potential effects that are or could follow it. From the viewpoint of causality, if an event occurs then with the proper insight and guidance, what is to follow is predictable, quite similar to knowing what 1+1 is to equal. It has become quite prevalent that the common perception of the past and future still being in existence to where we can time travel to them, are simply abstract concepts and ideations we created to entertain ourselves with. The notion of there still being a past or future, most especially that conforms to humanity’s non-essential existence and Earth’s planetary history is absurd. This isn’t a contradiction from what was recently said about causality, existence and dormant potential are vastly different. Our ignorance deceives us, blanketing us with a delusional sense of greater importance and position in existence, that does nothing more than put Earth and our species on a conceited pedestal. An uncomfortable truth, we humans are a temporary attribute, an extension or rather an expression, not a necessity and which makes us expendable, just like all forms of life that have gone extinct before us. It is foolish to think of the human experience as the main representation of reality for all perceivable dimensions of existence, more rather a splinter of a greater whole. Humanity has created countless instruments that reduce the human senses to the insignificant. These instruments have various functions, often providing us with a more complete representation of what we could never hope to see with only our eyes. Animals have shown to garner senses or intuitions that elude us. They have the ability to sense substances with their superior eyesight, hearing, smell, touch, and other ones which are nothing short of exotic, traits and abilities no other animal possesses, which allows them to survive in environments we dare not venture into. The range of temperature we can safely experience in comparison to the whole scale is minuscule. A small amount of force can cause lethal bodily damage. Introducing certain chemicals into our bodily systems can alter one’s perception to drastic degrees or even be fatal, the frailty is staggering. It is daunting to realize our life span is a microscopic speck in the ocean of time when compared to an eternity, the year, bound only to the relevance of our cosmically insignificant planet. Moreover the environments we can safely research are unbelievably finite, confined to a narrow region of our planetary nest unless granted with specialized equipment or tools. Nearly always left to walk away with flawed and incomplete knowledge. We try to make sense of everything which is a valiant but futile attempt because our environmental conditioning blinds nearly all of us. The blatant limitations of our senses, insufficient cognitive capacity, and physical fragility restrains us from true objectivity. Unable to deviate from the laws of our own nature, an inescapable filter of perception. Our environment and time itself falls through our hands like sand, we are confined to the human condition. Human memory is delicate and almost entirely left open for subjective interpretations, not objective truth and absolute recollection of events. It is biased towards one’s own survival and often leading to not being a reliable source of reference. Damage to the brain can change a person forever. It leaves one to ask, are we really anyone in particular or do we just have a malleable mask that we project for societal survival? Our perceived reality is so fragmented, we are left with crumbs of what truly is and desperately cling to an assortment of achievements, social interests & symbols, material possessions, bodily genetics, etc as our defining characteristics to not be seen as expendable in the eyes of the herd. Identifying with them as a defense mechanism, forming a sort of cognitive armor for social matters and that ultimately imprisons us. Misled by delusions throughout our lives, all to arrive at an inevitable oblivion. When we are afraid of the unknown or more simply the dark, it is in fact our own fragility that we are afraid of in the presence of uncertainty. A lack of power and our brains generate the fear of what might be due to us not being able to predict our environment. Such fears obstruct the necessity for action, halting desirable progress and manifesting an undesirable reality‚Ķ Where does the line between dreams and reality begin? Can we really tell ourselves, truth is within the boundaries of frail comfort? What if the answers we seek can only be found in death? Do we dare open such a door?

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