Martial Meditation

The following clips entail short snippets of various meditative moves I do with my escrima. 10 years ago I began inquiring into Buddhism and it’s martial ways. About a year and a half in I taught myself how to use centrifugal force to manipulate my escrima, which now 10 years later, those reflexes, focus, and hand-eye coordination are regularly applied in my day to day life. I work on an assembly line and handle metal all day, so there is great potential for it to be reapplied. Simply put, it sharpens my mind. I have this deep sense to thank it for my mental math ability I picked up in October of 2021 and amongst many other abilities. These are just short meditative snippets, I’ve had in mind to put together a 10 year progress video showcasing my full ability. There’s a good chance that’ll happen this year. I’ll be looking forward to my fellow internetians thoughts and feedback with whats in this post.

  1. Index Revolve

2. Full hand revolve

3. Backhand spin

4. Just the tip

Martial meditation progress video 2020

7 thoughts on “Martial Meditation

    1. Thank you, i appreciate you looking at my blog posts ☺️ let me know if you have any questions.


      1. I like meditation and I love this blog.


      2. Really glad you love it, that means a great deal to me ^^ and meditation has been a daily exercise of mine for the past 10 years.


      3. That is very good. Keep doing.


      4. I definitely will ^^ I’ll likely get some more meditation content up relatively soon! I think you’d really like chapter 15 – The Way of Emptiness. It goes into meditation quite a bit.


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